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Name:Roshanak Parvinzadeh
You used to think that the race of Kentauroi sprang from trees and rocks or, by Zeus, just from mares--the mares which, men say, Kentauros, the son of Ixion covered, the man by whom the Kentauroi though single creatures came to have their double nature. But after all they have, as we see, mothers of the same stock and wives next and colts as their offspring and a most delightful home...
- Philostratus the Elder

Roshanak Parvinzadeh of the Ruxdokhtān is a centuride, standing 7'6 tall when in her normal form. From the waist up, she's a pretty young woman with olive skin, dark eyes, long dark hair, and the pale grey ears of a horse. From the waist down, she's a well-shaped mare with a dappled grey coat whose patterning looks almost like starbursts on her hindquarters.

As an enchantress, she can appear human - in which case she stands 5'6 tall, and dresses in the flowing skirts and jackets of a well-to-do Persian woman in the equivalent of the medieval era. As an enchantress, when moved to use her magic in anger rather than scholarly interest... Well. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Fortunately, she prefers reading books to striking people with curses.

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Note: Roshanak Parvinzadeh is an original RP character, and as such belongs to me.
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